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Accidents happen. Disasters strike. Your property might be wrecked, yet life must go on – and we, at Miami Emergency Restoration will help put it back on the track. Whether your house has suffered from extreme flooding after a storm or your office is buckling under water damage due to faulty plumbing, know that the leading expert in water & fire damage restoration is right around the corner. Serving the Miami, FL region for over two decades, we’ve learnt one thing; the first 48 hours are crucial. If prompt remediation measures aren’t deployed during this timeframe, water might seep into the layers of the walls, mold growth begins, building structures get compromised, metallic entities start corroding and in case of fire, hazardous toxins and soot settle all over the place, making it uninhabitable. That’s why, be it something as simple as a leaky faucet or as extreme as a fire breakout, when you call us for help on 786-315-9983, we’ll be there by your side within 30 minutes, providing immediate remediation and effective restoration services.

Who are we?

Established over two decades ago, Miami Emergency Restoration, a home-grown and locally-operated company, has since grown in scale to become one of the most sought-after and highly reliable damage restoration service companies in the area. Our dedication to our job, commitment to service and relentless pursuit for excellence has made us a force to be reckoned with. Where others back out, we step in. While others say no, we say yes. Today, when confronted with water or fire damage, our customers no longer have to wait for hours or days for remediation, rather they know that when the unexpected happens, we’ll be prepared even if they’re not.

We’re known for:

  • Miami Emergency Restoration Miami, FL 786-315-9983Our round-the-clock service
  • Our rapid response
  • Advanced restoration techniques
  • Skilled and expert restoration specialists
  • Free estimates and professional guidance
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Seamless insurance claims management
  • Upfront, transparent and fixed costs

How we work?

Everything has a lifecycle; from your furnishings to your building structure in itself. However, water damage, flooding, mold formation, or smoke, can cut short its life span by several times. We’ve witnessed cases where delayed remediation demanded an entire section of a property to be rebuilt due to the extensive damage incurred following a flooding. The worst part is that such expenses barely fall under insurance coverage, where delays in damage mitigation often lead to disputes in claims. But with us by your side, you never have to worry about that! We know that every minute counts. With the clock ticking, deterioration will only gain traction, bringing about irreparable damage. We won’t let that happen!

How we work?

Phase 1: Call us: Our representative will immediately respond, listen to your concerns and allot the job to our technicians.

Phase 2: Arrival: A team of experts will speed up to your location, anywhere in Miami, FL area, within the shortest possible time.

Phase 3: Assessment: We’ll immediately get to the job and assess the level of damage done on your property. Using advanced equipment, we can even identify hidden leaks or mold formation that’s not prevalent on the exteriors.

Phase 4: Estimates: Don’t expect a low initial estimate only to find us adding costs later. We don’t work that way! We know what needs to be done, and provide an accurate, upfront estimate.

Phase 5: Work: Once you wave the green flag, we’ll get down to work right away, and use advanced equipment to curtail the damage, salvage your property and restore it to its pre-loss condition.

Phase 7: Cross-checking: We won’t leave even the smallest spot of mold undiscovered and unresolved. We’re thorough and we double check everything to ensure everything is put back in order.

When your life has turned upside-down; we’ll straighten things up, and be with you from start to finish, until we put everything back in its place. Don’t let flooding or smoke damage disrupt your peace of mind. From chaos to normality, we’ll help you make that transition. All you need to do is call us on 786-315-9983

We provide service in Miami and Miami-Dade