Miami Emergency Restoration - Reconstruction And Remodeling


Miami Emergency Restoration Miami, FL 786-315-9983You can hire the best architect, the most creative landscaping artist and a skilled interior decorator to bring your dream house to life. But dreams don’t last forever, do they? Time can take its toll on your property, tarnishing its appearance, deteriorating its structure and what was once majestic, may soon wear the wrath of time on its façade. Apart from that, a flood or a fire breakout, may wipe out everything you’ve so carefully built overnight. You don’t have to scrap it all and start from scratch nor do you have to force yourself to live in a place you’re unhappy with it.  What you can do is call Miami Emergency Restoration by dialing 786-315-9983.

We’ll get your property back in shape, without ripping it apart from its foundation. Our reconstruction and remodeling services are famed across the Miami, FL area and till date, we’ve delivered our services to hundreds of residential and commercial property owners. Once we step in and step out, you won’t be able to recognize your property, because we’ll leave it better than it ever was.

Water and fire damage reconstruction

When life hits you hard, bowing to it is not an option. Water may seep in, fire may burn your property to the ground, mold might take over your property as the new inhabitant - rising from it all and put your life back together is important. That’s easier said than done, but you won’t have to do it alone! We’re with you! Being the leading water and fire damage mitigation company in the area, we’ll do everything it takes to put your life back together. From replacing your furnishings, to the paper on the drywall to rebuilding entire sections of the property, we’ve got a massive team of restoration specialists and contractors, who’ll work day and night, to help you recover from the trauma.

We reconstruct only what’s necessary

A plumber you call to fix a leak might suggest re-piping the entire setup or an electrician might recommend unwarranted repairs or replacements. The practice is prevalent in nearly every industry, including that of damage restoration. The technician may throw away perfectly good items, replace unnecessary furnishing, reconstruct when all that’s needed is a repair – all to make a quick buck out of your misery. When you call Miami Emergency Restoration, rest assured you’re in the hands of a company that values integrity over everything else. You won’t find us suggesting unnecessary reconstruction and will always go the extra mile to salvage the property to minimize expenses. Only in case of extreme damage, when repairs and restoration is beyond scope, do we rebuild your property.

Got a vision? Share it with our remodeling team

Besides being forced to execute a reconstruction, you can also opt in for it willfully. If you believe your property’s style is still stuck in the past or you’re perhaps looking for ways to break free from the monotony, then we can remodel your home/office for you. Creative, ingenious and cooperative, we’ll work with you every step of the way, to take your idea from conceptualization to implementation. Whether you want us to remodel your entire property or to give your kitchen a makeover, we can undertake projects of all scales and sizes.

Do you live in Miami, FL area? Then don’t look elsewhere for options. Ring us up on 786-315-9983