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Miami Emergency Restoration is an established organization specializing in repair and restoration services following damage due to fire, water, smoke, mold or other factors. Since its establishment 20 years ago, the firm has been on a quest of expansion, rapidly growing its network across the Miami, FL area. What started as a small venture with a limited number of people has now grown in scale. Today, we’ve got a massive team of trained experts working round-the-clock, best-in-class infrastructure and a large clientele base that trusts us to be there when disaster strikes.

It’s a common fact that success isn’t a trophy to be won overnight; it took us years to get where we are. From effective drying after water damage to mold removal to remodeling partial/full sections of a property, there’s nothing we don’t know or can’t do, making us the leading choice of residential and commercial property owners for damage remediation and restoration. When disaster throws your life out of gear, all you need to do is call 786-315-9983 and put your life back on the track.

Our work philosophy

When we work at resolving a customer’s request, we don’t look at it from an outsider’s point of view, but rather treat the property the way we would treat our own. It’s this philosophy that has enabled us to be the first to respond to distress calls, the first to reach customer location and the fastest at deploying remedial measures. Everything; right from your walls to your furnishing right down to a book you treasure, is treated with utmost care and wherever possible, salvaged. 

Our pillars of strength

No empire can stand tall without pillars of support. To us, this support came from our team, who’ve worked relentlessly, day and night, to be the source of comfort to scores of clients in Miami, FL area, following major disasters such as fire breakouts or flooding. Carrying over two decades of solid experience, they deploy advanced and refined work processes to render superior service. From start to finish, they’ll be with you, guiding you, assisting you, and putting your life back together piece-by-piece.

Innovation at its best

Do you think water damage can be curbed through vacuuming? While on the surface it might appear that the water has drained, moisture might get entrapped within the wall or floor layers and continue to slowly amplify the damage. At Miami Emergency Restoration, we don’t stick to age-old techniques for damage remediation and restoration, rather we’ve spent heavily on state-of-the-art equipments such as infrared leak detectors, turbodryers, air movers, dehumidifiers and more, to guarantee results that are nothing short of one-hundred percent outstanding.

Committed to serve

We comprehend the devastation that follows a natural disaster or how traumatic it is to watch one’s prized property go up in flames. And that’s why, to us, nothing matters more than customer service. Available 24/7, be it rain or snow, flood or fire, there’s nothing that can deter us from being there by our client’s side.

When no one else heeds your call, you can count on us to lend you the support you need to wade through the crisis and make your life whole again. Call 786-315-9983 to bring your property back to its pre-damage condition.