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Damage due to any cause, be it a fire breakout, a burst pipe, leaky roof or a natural disaster, can be devastating on its own accord. Added to that, delays in remediation can further deteriorate the damage done, leading to irrecoverable losses. To curb losses to a bare minimum and to reset things back to normal, you need the assistance of a reliable damage remediation and restoration service in Miami, FL area. Choose Miami Emergency Restoration – the region’s leading expert in restoration and the trusted choice of scores of customers.

With a robust technological backbone backed by a highly skilled team of specialists, we can fix anything; water damage, bloated wood, mold growth, leaky plumbing, structural abnormalities, extensive charring, smoke hazards and more.

What we offer?

24/7 emergency services

Time is of the essence; and no one knows this better than us. A leaky pipe cannot wait until morning for remediation. Who knows, you might find your entire property flooded by that time. That’s why; we work round-the-clock and can be relied upon during contingencies. When you call us in reporting an unfortunate incident, our ever-ready team of restoration specialists will spring into action right away and reach the spot within half an hour.

Residential service:

No one wants harm to befall their prized possession – home! Yet, sometimes damage is inevitable. A storm may ruin your property’s structural integrity overnight. While that may not be in your control, recovering from the damage certainly is. Call our water/fire damage restoration services on 786-315-9983 and watch us leverage over two decades of experience in restoring normalcy to your life. From effective drying to leak detection to soot removal, Miami Emergency Restoration can handle it all.

Commercial service:

Disasters don’t just affect people on the personal front, but their professional lives also take a hit. Storm, melting snow, flooding, plumbing failures or any other catastrophe can prove to be a serious impediment to business. Thankfully, we’ll resurrect your business empire in no time. Whether you’re reeling under water damage or unwarranted mold growth, our specialists know how to tackle it all in minimal time

Bid goodbye to your woes, by calling the fastest damage remediation and restoration service in Miami, FL on 786-315-9983.

Water Leaks Detection

Water leaks are a slowly ticking time-bomb that over time aggregate in intensity and can lead to disastrous consequences. While obvious leaks such as those observed in faucets, roofs, or external plumbing are easily identified and rectified early on, it’s the invisible that’s evasive and destructive. Unknown to you, water could be wrecking havoc on your property, degrading its essence, contributing to mold formation and setting the stage for expensive repairs and restoration. Detecting leaks early on could curtail the spread of the damage, saving you from heavy expenses. Click to read more...

Flood Damage Restoration

Occasionally, the wrath of Nature rains down on us, wrecking everything and anything in its path. Floods, considered one of the most devastating natural disasters, have now become commonplace, brining life to a standstill and causing extensive property damage. No property owner wants to be on the receiving end of such disasters, but these are events beyond our control; nothing can rise above it, but if you’re smart, you can wade through it. Click to read more...

Mold Remediation

Of all the disastrous effects water damage can have on your property, mold growth is the worst. This seemingly harmless contaminant can propagate to dangerous levels, infecting your property, damaging the property’s physical entities and can produce irritants and allergens that can pose serious health hazards. A rule of thumb is to prevent mold formation in the first place, but when it does make an entrance, it’s vital to hire Miami Emergency Restoration, the mold remediation experts, to come up with a fast action plan and address it right away. We’ve lent our professional expertise to scores of clients in Miami, FL area and have doled out valuable advice in curbing mold formation, in addition to providing immediate intervention at the first signs of mold growth. Click to read more...

Water Damage Restoration

Broken pipes, leaky faucets, sewage backup, rainstorm, flooding; they all have one common aftermath – water damage. This damage can range from something as mild as damp spots on the carpets to something as severe as structural deterioration. Considered a silent, yet progressively damaging element, water isn’t exactly as friendly as it seems. When it invades your life, it does so ruthlessly, ruining your prized possessions, damaging your property and in some cases, demanding entire sections of the house to be rebuilt. Click to read more...

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire – considered one of the most powerful elements on the Earth – is also the most destructive one. From being used in cooking to providing warmth, fire dons a multifaceted role in the modern-day environment. But there’s a side to it that has proved devastating for many! An accidental fire breakout can take away lives, reduce property to soot, and creates a catastrophe unlike any other. It’s not just the possessions that are charred, because fires can also char people’s lives forever, taking away their peace of mind, robbing them of their prized possessions and bringing about ruin and chaos. We understand how traumatic such events can be and understand that if immediate intervention is not provided, the damage can only amplify in scale, leaving you with insurmountable losses. Click to read more...

Reconstruction And Remodeling

You can hire the best architect, the most creative landscaping artist and a skilled interior decorator to bring your dream house to life. But dreams don’t last forever, do they? Time can take its toll on your property, tarnishing its appearance, deteriorating its structure and what was once majestic, may soon wear the wrath of time on its façade. Apart from that, a flood or a fire breakout, may wipe out everything you’ve so carefully built overnight. You don’t have to scrap it all and start from scratch nor do you have to force yourself to live in a place you’re unhappy with it.  What you can do is call Miami Emergency Restoration by dialing 786-315-9983Click to read more...