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Water leaks are a slowly ticking time-bomb that over time aggregate in intensity and can lead to disastrous consequences. While obvious leaks such as those observed in faucets, roofs, or external plumbing are easily identified and rectified early on, it’s the invisible that’s evasive and destructive. Unknown to you, water could be wrecking havoc on your property, degrading its essence, contributing to mold formation and setting the stage for expensive repairs and restoration. Detecting leaks early on could curtail the spread of the damage, saving you from heavy expenses.

If you suspect something’s off or you’re noticing an unexpected increase in your water bills, without further do, give Miami Emergency Restoration a call on 786-315-9983. We’re the fastest water leaks detection service in the Miami, FL region and are renowned for our non-destructive and methodical approaches.

Detect leaks sooner rather than later!

Water, although considered the life force of the Earth, also has a notorious reputation for the havoc it wreaks and the destruction it brings about. Floods and storms can wipe out an entire city, leading to extensive loss of life and property. On a comparative note, water leaks might not seem as serious, but their destructive effects cannot be ignored. Leaving a leak unchecked can cause moisture to seep in through walls or floors, ruin furnishings, and leave a musty odor across the place. Check it fast, and check it right to prevent water damage from seizing control of your life.

Some of the early signs include:

High water bills:If your water bills are higher than usual, this could indicate that there’s usage even when there’s none, signaling a probable leak in the plumbing. Check your meter to see if it runs even with all the faucets turned off.

Foul odors: If there are unusual odors in your property, it’s a tell-tale sign that there’s a hidden leak somewhere. Foul-smelling odors usually arise due to hazardous mold growth or due to deterioration in the wood due to moisture.

Visible signs: Can you notice wet spots on the ceiling or walls? Is the wallpaper peeling off? Are metal parts showing signs of corrosion? Chances are there might be a leak hiding from your sight.

We can solve ‘mystery leaks’

Finding the source and origin of those pesky and evasive leaks can be quite the challenge. By the time they’re detected, the damage would have propagated and grown in magnitude. But not with us by your side! Miami Emergency Restoration is known for its super fast leaks detection services in and around Miami, FL area. We understand that leaks transcend plumbing problems and can also be caused due to roof leaks, groundwater intrusion, sewage backups and clogging, leaks in ac drain pipes, amongst others.  Our comprehensive knowledge of water leak detection enables us to adopt a broader perspective to get down to the root of the problem. Using advanced equipment and refined detection techniques, we thoroughly scan your property to narrow down on the source, without ripping apart the flooring or hammering the drywall.

Don’t let a burst pipe or leaky roof rupture a hole in your peace of mind.  Call our water leak detection experts on 786-315-9983 now!