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Miami Emergency Restoration Miami, FL 786-315-9983The power of railroads and the connectivity it brings to forgotten lands can be witnessed clearly if you see the case of Miami –Dade County. Initially being a land where pests and mosquitoes would run rife, this land saw an exorbitant rate of development post Flagler extending the Palm Beach railway line to Miami-Dade in the 19th century. What followed was an era of rapidly paced development and settling of people from across the country, making up the uber-cool, and extravagant Miami-Dade that we know today.

Catastrophes of all scales:

A vacationer’s paradise, Miami-Dade County has established itself pretty well over the tourism map of the world, and boasts of experiences close to nature as well as commercial sophistication today. However, all this has been possible only post a tussle with the forces of nature, which have posed a threat to it for long.

  • When nature unleashes its fury:

    1992 came as an unfortunate year in the lives of the Miami-Dade dwellers, when hurricane Andrew brought all active life in the County to a dead still stop. The harsh memories were brought back when hurricane Irma struck the county, a decade later. The local authorities have been proactive about installing suction pumps to counter flooding and instilling strict building norms for them to be able to withstand storms, but nature’s fury gets too much to handle at most times.

  • When to err is human

    While you might blame nature often for disasters, there are a host of manmade disasters as well. The 2017 brush fire which started in the forests was linked to human activities. The fire spread over several acres of land, destroying anything and everything which was unfortunate enough to be in its path. Deteriorating and unkempt plumbing installations have also been responsible for leaks and contamination.

All that one should take as a learning from such incidents is the crucial need to be prepared for eventualities of all kinds.

Who can you count on?

While technology today has given us a host of gadgets and means to counter threats to life and property, their use is very limited in front of the wrath of nature. An ill-maintained plumbing at home can cause flooding. Fire disasters can also be caused if gas equipment is left uncared for. Whatever may be the risk factor inducing a disaster, with Miami Emergency Restoration by your side, you do not need to fret the least about getting back on with your life. For decades, we have provided esteemed disaster restoration services to countless people across Miami-Dade County.

We serve the following cities:

Miami, FL, Coral Gables, FL, Hialeah, FL, Homestead, FL, Key Biscayne, FL, Miami Beach, FL, Miami Gardens, FL, North Miami Beach, FL

What we do?

  • Emergency support: With the best remediation service in the Miami-Dade county by your side providing emergency support, you can be disaster ready.

  • Flood/water damage: If your home is laden with flood water or just dripping streams from faulty plumbing, trust us to help you out.

  • Biohazards: Be it mold, bacteria or any other organic proliferation, we are always there to prevent its growth and sterilize your home.

  • Fire damage: Post a ravaging fire; call upon us to clear the premise off charred remains, dust, soot and any unwanted remains from the attack.

  • Construction: Looking to add a new section to your house, or just give it a little spin and vanity? Our expert remodelers and construction professionals can lend a skilled hand.

Say goodbye to your post disaster woes by simply calling us on 786-315-9983!