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Miami Emergency Restoration Miami, FL 786-315-9983Fire – considered one of the most powerful elements on the Earth – is also the most destructive one. From being used in cooking to providing warmth, fire dons a multifaceted role in the modern-day environment. But there’s a side to it that has proved devastating for many! An accidental fire breakout can take away lives, reduce property to soot, and creates a catastrophe unlike any other. It’s not just the possessions that are charred, because fires can also char people’s lives forever, taking away their peace of mind, robbing them of their prized possessions and bringing about ruin and chaos. We understand how traumatic such events can be and understand that if immediate intervention is not provided, the damage can only amplify in scale, leaving you with insurmountable losses.

Why call us?

While the fire might’ve been put out, the destruction it leaves behind still remains. Smoke seeps through the place, soot settles over your possessions, walls get discolored, metals start corroding and your property may be drenching in water following fire-fighting efforts. While some of the damage might be irrecoverable, there’s still a proportion that could be salvaged. That’s where Miami Emergency Restoration comes in! Once you call us on 786-315-9983, our fire restoration experts will speed up to your location, no matter where you are in Miami, FL area, to deploy immediate remediation measures, save what they can, restore your property, and thus, restore your lives.

Combating fire plus water damage

One of the biggest challenges of dealing with fire accidents lies in the multiple forms of damage inflicted on the property. While fire is the obvious cause, the chemical agents, extinguishers and water used to stop it can also prove disastrous. Even with the fire extinguished, ash and smoke continue to penetrate through your possessions and damage materials. Odors from smoke will remain, and prove hazardous to health, making the property uninhabitable. But we can help you rise above it! We’re multitaskers, but above all, we’re experienced. Having witnessed hundreds of fire accidents in and around Miami, FL area and working at resolving the same; we understand the varying degrees of damage done and know how to set your life back on track.

Our work process:

Step 1: We identify the source of the fire to determine what exactly caused the problem and assess the level of damage done.

Step 2: Evaluating the damaged possessions to determine what needs to be kept, what can be fixed and what needs to be disposed.

Step 3: Removal of damaged contents and restoration of salvageable property.

Step 4: Remediating the areas that are damaged by water. Treating affected areas damaged by smoke and soot.

Step 5: Carrying out structural restoration. This involves replacing burnt wood, removing charred insulation, installing new carpets and floor coverings, inspection of the property’s framing and evaluation of its structural integrity. Depending on the extent of damage, our fire damage restoration experts may have to rebuild certain sections of the house

Step 6: Cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting the property to restore it to it pre-loss condition

Fires can scar you for life and the damage can serve a painful reminder of the incident. Call Miami Emergency Restoration on 786-315-9983 and we’ll make it seem like it never happened and help you recover from the devastating loss in minimal time.