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Of all the disastrous effects water damage can have on your property, mold growth is the worst. This seemingly harmless contaminant can propagate to dangerous levels, infecting your property, damaging the property’s physical entities and can produce irritants and allergens that can pose serious health hazards. A rule of thumb is to prevent mold formation in the first place, but when it does make an entrance, it’s vital to hire Miami Emergency Restoration, the mold remediation experts, to come up with a fast action plan and address it right away. We’ve lent our professional expertise to scores of clients in Miami, FL area and have doled out valuable advice in curbing mold formation, in addition to providing immediate intervention at the first signs of mold growth.

The critical phase: The first 48-72 hours

Mold is typically a fungus that grows in damp places, surviving off moisture and feeding on organic matter, such as that present in the wallpaper or wood in properties. While mold spores are ever present both indoors and outdoors, it’s when they’re given the right conditions to grow and reproduce that they proliferate to destructive levels. Left unchecked, mold spores multiply uncontrollably during the first 48-72 hours of its onset and can compromise on the air quality, physical structure and can have adverse impact on health, aggravating respiratory issues and causing skin irritation in some people.

Beyond this period, mold growth may make your property unlivable, demanding immediate intervention.

Barring the deadly invader:

Prevention is certainly better than cure, and in the case of mold growth, it can save you from expenses incurred due to the damage done by this deadly fungus. While there’s no way to mold-proof your home, you can certainly make it mold-resistant. Address problematic areas such as a water stain on the ceiling due to a leak or frequent condensation in the windows. Cutting off moisture is the first step to preventing mold from invading your home. Following heavy rainfall or flooding, it’s important to get the property thoroughly dried up; call our water damage remediation experts on 786-315-9983, they can help you with that. Keep a check on your humidity levels indoors, as high levels provide the perfect medium for mold growth.

Mold remediation: How we get rid of it?

Despite all the measures you take, you cannot simply be sure that you won’t be visited by this undesirable invader! While you can certainly pay heed to the obvious signs, in most cases, mold growth goes unnoticed and is only detected when musty odors start sweeping the place, or the inhabitants fall sick occasionally. Undetected leaks and excessive moisture levels in wall cavities, underneath the floor or in ceiling plenums may house mold that might go unnoticed until it aggravates into a serious problem. Visible or hidden, mild growth or extreme levels, when you call upon Miami Emergency Restoration, we’ll get down to the root of the problem, remove mold, disinfect the property, restore the air quality, cut off its moisture source, thereby restoring the property back to normal and preventing a recurrence.

What we do?

  • Miami Emergency Restoration Miami, FL 786-315-9983Mold detection using advanced equipment
  • Cleansing and sanitization using chemicals
  • Detection and fixing of water leaks
  • Replacing destroyed materials with new ones
  • Deodorization of the property
  • Refurbishing property to its pre-mold state

Why let mold growth eat into your property’s sanctity? Preserve it and protect it! If you’re facing trouble from mold growth anywhere in Miami, FL area, reach out to us on 786-315-9983!