Miami Emergency Restoration - Flood Damage Restoration


Miami Emergency Restoration Miami, FL 786-315-9983Occasionally, the wrath of Nature rains down on us, wrecking everything and anything in its path. Floods, considered one of the most devastating natural disasters, have now become commonplace, brining life to a standstill and causing extensive property damage. No property owner wants to be on the receiving end of such disasters, but these are events beyond our control; nothing can rise above it, but if you’re smart, you can wade through it.

When hit by a flood due to natural or manmade causes, reach out to Miami Emergency Restoration – the leading flood damage restoration specialist in the Miami, FL area. We understand how overwhelming such situations can be and are committed to working relentlessly towards restoring properties and making our customers’ lives whole again.

It’s not just about stagnant water!

True, your property might now bear inches or feet deep water, but that’s not the only implication flooding may have on your property. Faulty wiring can lead to electrical hazards; water can saturate furnishings, destroy your prized possessions and disintegrate the structural balance of your home. In addition, stagnant water, if not dried within 48 hours, can cause bacteria to proliferate, posing a biohazard and contaminating your property to an extent where it seems unlivable. The greater the delay in mitigating the damage, the worse the level of destruction caused; thus, underlining the need for professional flood remediation and restoration services

Immediate response, fastest resolve

Whether your property finds itself flooded following a natural disaster or due to other factors such as a plumbing failure, clogged drains or overflowing tanks, expect us to be there by your side within 30 minutes of placing the call on 786-315-9983. Unlike other companies in Miami, FL area, we understand the gravity of the problem and dispatch a specialist team to the site at once. Once we get there, our experts will commence a complete survey to assess the level of damage done and implement remedial measures.

How we work?

First, we commence by bringing out our heavy-duty pumps to eliminate any standing water from the property. The next step involves drying. Through heat dryers, air blowers, and advanced dehumidifiers, we completely remove all traces of moisture from the floors, walls and furnishings. Your possessions are then evaluated, and what can be salvaged is salvaged. Some furnishings, including wallpaper or the carpet might be beyond repair, warranting a replacement. All the metal fixtures are checked for signs of corrosion and fixed.  Any prospective signs of mold growth is treated with chemicals and removed. The property is completely disinfected to eliminate the possibility of hazardous bacteria growing. Once we’re done, we double-check everything to ensure that your property is back to its pre-loss condition and there are no signs of a flood ever hitting your premises.

We’ll recover your insurance claims

As traumatic as a flooding event is, the fight to recover the damages from your insurance company might further add on to your woes. Thankfully, you can count on Miami Emergency Restoration to work seamlessly with your insurance company, assisting you to recover the expenses, thus absolving you of cumbersome and lengthy claims procedures.

Are you struggling to recover after a flood? We’ll put your life back together. Call us on 786-315-9983!