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Broken pipes, leaky faucets, sewage backup, rainstorm, flooding; they all have one common aftermath – water damage. This damage can range from something as mild as damp spots on the carpets to something as severe as structural deterioration. Considered a silent, yet progressively damaging element, water isn’t exactly as friendly as it seems. When it invades your life, it does so ruthlessly, ruining your prized possessions, damaging your property and in some cases, demanding entire sections of the house to be rebuilt.

Timing is essential; with delay in remediation, the damage only deepens in intensity, causing irrevocable losses. If you ever find yourself facing a plumbing failure or damage after a heavy rainstorm, know that effective remediation and restoration is just a call away. All you need to do is call Miami Emergency Restoration by dialing 786-315-9983 and we’ll be there by your side within 30 – 60 minutes, no matter where you are in Miami, FL area, working alongside you to recover from the loss.

Why should you call in the experts?

If not taken care of by a professional, water damage can promote electrical hazards, bacteria growth, create permanent damage to your property, lead to hazardous mold growth and more – all of which can be prevented if you hire us.

Here’s what you should NOT do following a water damage event:

  • Attempting to vacuum up the water
  • Trying to seal the leak with putty you buy from the hardware shop
  • Using newspaper to dry up carpets as the ink can transfer causing permanent stains.
  • Applying the ‘touch test’ to confirm if the property has dried
  • Hiring substandard plumbers who may stop the leak but not address its impact
  • Testing out DIY tips you found on the internet
  • Delay in seeking the assistance of a professional beyond 48 hours

The professional difference we bring in:

When you call us in to address your water damage concerns, you won’t find us whiling away time or taking the road oft-travelled by newbies in Miami, FL area. We know that with every passing minute, the damage done only worsens and also know that stemming the source of the water damage is only one-half of the process. The other half involves damage mitigation, wherein moisture is removed completely. We don’t believe that the touch test makes the cut, because what might be seemingly dried up from the outside might still retain moisture within.

For this reason, we use advanced drying equipment, involving heavy-duty air blowers, heat vacuums, dehumidifiers and more to remove all traces of moisture once we’ve addressed the source of the damage. Depending on the extent of damage done the remediation and restoration process may take anywhere between 12- 48 hours; during which the experts from Miami Emergency Restoration will work in shifts to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. This includes salvaging everything; right from the painting you treasure to the drapery you’d shopped off the streets, so that you never have to look back and dwell over losing a significant chunk of your valuable property.

When you call us on 786-315-9983 reporting water damage, trust us to take your concerns seriously and work with you till we’ve made sure that everything is back in its place.